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Overall, I’m really pleased with both of these lights; rugged, plenty bright enough to embrace winter and totally tuneable to your needs make these both a great buy, and UK based back-up just adds to that. Highly recommended to keep you going long after the Oriental specials have given up the ghost!
Ride It Out
New Zealand’s Gloworm makes extremely well-crafted lights that come in three configurations, X1, X2 and XS. They are all honest with their lumen output claims and have very compact configurations for bar or helmet use. This year, they are including optional wide beam optics in the package to give the rider the choice of beams that suits their riding.
The Gloworm X2 has successfully coined its compact design. Further bonus points can be dished out in the Gloworm X2’s direction too, as it comes with a GoPro Interface on the helmet mount for no additional cost – in fact, its total cost is far lower than its competitors.
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